Tequila Lime Pie

This light and creamy tequila-spiked lime pie with a macadamia nut cookie crust is unique and delicious!

This light and creamy tequila lime pie is light, creamy, and has a bit of a fun kick!

Today I’m taking this pie off of the archive shelves, dusting it off, and giving it a little love with new photos and better recipe instructions. Because this pie is AWESOME! And I thought we could all use a little extra encouragement to bake it. Like, right now.

Did I mention this pie is awesome?

It’s not your typical lime pie recipe, however. It’s light and creamy, has plenty of lime tartness, and comes with a familiar cookie crust, but that’s where the similarities end. Two things set this apart— tequila and macadamia nuts. It might sound like an odd combination, but it works. It’s a grown up pie with lots of fun tropical flavor!