Garlic and Herb Crescent Rolls

These garlic and herb crescent rolls are soft and buttery, with lots of rich flavor and plenty of appeal. Plus, they’re made with my no-knead recipe and are a cinch to put together!


Sometimes classics are so good, you don’t want to mess with them. That’s been the case with my mom’s easy no-knead fairy crescent rolls for as long as I can remember. They’re so light, soft, and buttery that I haven’t ever felt the need to change things up.

Until now! I’ve taken my mom’s amazing recipe, and kicked it up a notch. These no-knead dinner rolls are every bit as wonderful, plus they’re filled with the savory flavor of garlic and herbs.

Fresh rosemary, thyme and garlic are baked right into the rolls, and they’re brushed with a garlic and herb butter when they’re hot from the oven. A sprinkling of flaky salt is the final touch to these beautiful and delicious rolls. They’re the perfect accompaniment to any meal!