Grilled Ribeye Steaks with Cowboy Butter

These perfectly grilled ribeye steaks are over-the-top thanks a topping of cowboy butter flavored with lemon, garlic, dijon mustard, red pepper flakes, and parsley.

Grilled ribeye steaks with cowboy butter

Grilled steaks are one of our summer staples and before the season ends I wanted to share this fabulous new recipe with you. I created it for my friends at Go Bold with Butter and I couldn’t resist passing it along.

This right here is a perfect steak— a thick cut of ribeye with lots of marbling throughout for maximum flavor, seasoned with just salt and pepper, seared till golden and cooked to your preferred doneness (I like mine medium). Serving the steak with a topping of savory seasoned butter is the icing on the cake, as they say, and it takes it to a whole new level of awesome. It’s a simple twist that adds so much flavor!