Nutella Truffles

5 ingredients are all you need for these fun and easy chocolate-hazelnut truffles!

Easy 5-ingredient Nutella Truffles!

While in college I spent a semester in London, where I was introduced to Nutella. I spread it on my toast almost every single morning for 2 months. We enjoyed quite the love affair that summer, but sadly my waistline can’t handle Nutella every day anymore and I rarely have it around the house.

I made these truffles as a treat for myself (and you!) this holiday season. I got a little carried away while making them and dumped nearly the entire jar of Nutella into the mix. I didn’t want just a hint of flavor, I wanted that magical combination of chocolate and hazelnuts front and center.

And these truffles are just that! A chocolate-hazelnut lover’s dream come true. They’re rich and creamy in the center, with a nice outer crunch of chopped hazelnuts.