How to Frost a Layer Cake

Learn how to frost a layer cake at home like a pro!

How to frost a layer cake - it's not that scary, I'll show you how!

I’ve put off writing this post for years because I’ve felt like I’m not the most qualified expert when it comes to frosting and decorating cakes, even though I make them all the time. There are literally thousands of other tutorials out there from bakers who seem to know more. I haven’t worked in bakery and I don’t have a cake decorating business.

And then I thought that perhaps that’s my strength. I’m just like you!

I’m a gal who likes to bake cakes and I’ve learned over the years from watching others— and, more importantly through trial and error— how to make cakes more lovely and impressive. Frosting a layer cake isn’t that difficult or complicated, and knowing a few simple tricks can take your home-baked cake from basic to beautiful.

Come follow along, I’ll teach you what I know!