A childhood favorite with a grown up twist— pigs in a blanket topped with “everything spice.”

Everything Spice Pigs in a Blanket | completelydelicious.com

Those closest to me know that I am not a football fan (this sums up my feelings nicely). I know, I know, how un-American of me, but it just isn’t my thing.

But football fan or no, I always look forward to the superbowl— kind of because of the commercials, but mostly for the food. While I may not always enjoy the game, I can certainly get behind four hours of snack food. Bring on the chips, chili and guacamole! Continue Reading…


Light and tender roasted salmon with a crunchy hazelnut crust makes a great weeknight meal.

Hazelnut-Crusted Salmon | completelydelicious.com

I have been in such a dinner rut lately.

You mean I have to make dinner tonight, again? 

Every monday I assemble my shopping list for the week and come up with a meal plan. Some weeks it’s easy and I fill the schedule with favorite recipes and old standbys, and some weeks the planning is excruciating. Continue reading…


How to store and freeze cake layers from completelydelicious.com

Building a layer cake can be a daunting task, so I often break it up over the course of a few days. And if I have a big project like a wedding cake, I’ll work on it over a few weeks. So how do I store my baked cake layers so they stay fresh and taste their best? Read on! Continue reading…