Strawberry Skillet Pie

This easy fresh strawberry pie baked in a skillet is a simple summer dessert you’ll come back to all season long.

This easy strawberry skillet pie is perfect for summer baking!

I hope y’all aren’t sick of strawberry recipes! I’ve been churning them out lately, with 5 recipes just in the last few weeks (don’t miss my strawberry pineapple punch, lemon berry shortcakes, strawberry rhubarb crumb bars, or strawberries and cream crepes!). I just can’t help myself, strawberry season is without a doubt my favorite time of year.

We’re going through so many strawberries in our house right now, mostly with yogurt for breakfast in the mornings, but also with dinner or for dessert at the end of the day. I usually don’t have any excess strawberries to use in baking unless I specifically plan ahead and hide them from my kids. But a few weeks ago I bought a bunch when they were on sale, and decided to make a quick pie to serve my visiting in-laws after dinner.

That’s how this skillet pie was born, and it was so easy I don’t know if I’ll ever bake a fruit pie another way again.