Classic cheesecake with graham cracker crust is silky smooth, ultra rich, and very creamy.

What is a water bath?

A water bath is a method of cooking a dish within a pan of hot water. It creates a moist environment in the oven and provides even and gentle cooking. It’s used for cheesecake and other desserts so that the filling sets gradually and evenly, resulting in a smooth crack-free surface. It may seem like an intimidating step, but I promise it’s actually quite easy!

Here are the materials you’ll need

Nothing too fancy here, you should have everything already in your kitchen:

Pouring cheesecake filling into crust

How to make the water bath

  1. Prepare crust and filling as directed.
  2. Protect pan as desired with foil, liner bag, or another pan. (If using foil, I like to prep pan before adding crust and filling. If using the other options, do it after cheesecake is in the pan and ready for the oven.)
  3. Set prepared pan into large roasting pan.
  4. Transfer to the oven.
  5. Pour hot water into the roasting pan so it comes up 1-2 inches of the springform pan.

That’s it! Not too hard, right? And well worth the effort. If you follow these suggestions, I promise your cheesecake will be silky smooth and exquisite.