7 Layer Magic Cookie Bars

These “magic” cookie bars made with a graham cracker crust, baking chips, nuts, and coconut are always a hit!

7 ingredients are all you need to make these "magical" cookie bars!

A friend recently asked me if I had a recipe for 7 layer “magic” bars on my blog, and I confessed that I had no idea what they even were. But you can bet that I googled it immediately! And then made sure to purchase all of the ingredients the next time I went to the grocery store.

For those of you unaware like me, these bars are made up of 7 ingredients— graham crackers, butter, chocolate chips, butterscotch chips, nuts, coconut and sweetened condensed milk. All that’s required is to layer these ingredients in a baking dish and pop into the oven, and they magically bake up into these irresistible bars! They’re so simple, and dangerously addictive. The perfect make-ahead treat for parties, picnics, potlucks and more.