Soft chocolate sugar cookies topped with whipped vanilla buttercream to delight your sweet tooth!

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Chocolate Sugar Cookies |

My husband and I don’t really do much to celebrate Valentine’s Day. This year we’ll probably just enjoy a nice meal at home together as a family and share a bottle of champagne after the kids go to bed. No frills, no fuss.

I’m just not that big of a fan of the holiday with its overpriced flowers, crowded restaurants, etc. That being said, Valentine’s Day is good for one thing:

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Sloppy joes made with taco beef and piled high with fresh taco toppings are sure to please a crowd.

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Taco Sloppy Joes! from

I guess there’s some major sporting event happening this weekend? Huh.

We don’t have cable and I couldn’t care less about football, so there’s a good chance I won’t see any of the game. Regardless, I’d hate to pass up an opportunity to overindulge on snacks, appetizers and other sorts of game day food.

What are you making for the Super Bowl— Chips and dip? Wings? Burgers? How about these super easy, super scrumptious taco sloppy joes? More >>


Cinnamon roll meets buttery biscuit in this quick, easy, and scrumptious breakfast treat.

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Cinnamon Roll Biscuits |

Cinnamon rolls and buttermilk biscuits, two of my most favorite things. Why have I not combined them before?

These cinnamon roll biscuits have all of the soft, sweet, and cinnamony goodness of cinnamon rolls but in the quick and almost fuss-free package of homemade biscuits. No yeast means no rising, which means you can enjoy these buns in about thirty minutes flat. More >>


Both slightly crisp and slightly soft, these homemade honey graham crackers are absolutely 100% tastier than what you can purchase at the store.

Homemade Honey Graham Cracker |

Graham crackers were a staple in my house growing up, and still are now that I’m an adult. I just can’t give them up. Just last week I introduced my three year-old to one of my favorite childhood snacks— graham crackers dipped in milk. It was just as delicious as I remember! And I think I’ve got the next generation hooked too.

Possibly the only thing that could make the snack more fabulous? Homemade graham crackers, of course! (Skip straight to the recipe)

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These scones filled with fresh orange flavor and chunks of dark chocolate are extra soft and fluffy and make a perfect treat for breakfast or dessert.

Chocolate Orange Ricotta Scones |

When was the last time you had a scone? I’m willing to bet that whenever it was, it was at a coffee shop or bakery. While I admit I have enjoyed many scones on the go, the ones I’ve baked at home are always sooooo much better.

Homemade scones are quick and easy to make, plus extremely adaptable. You can fill them up with whatever you like really, though this particular chocolate + orange combo is my current fave. Continue Reading…