Divinity Candy with Walnuts

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Holiday traditions are a huge part of what makes this season so special. Decorating the tree, parties with friends and family, gift exchanges, and of course, making and sharing treats! I have so many baking and candy traditions that I have a hard time getting to them all before the new year.

But no matter how busy the season gets we always make time for Divinity. It’s been a tradition in my husband’s family all of his life and we’re passing it on to our kids. If you’ve never heard of divinity, no worries, because neither had I. It’s a light and nougat-like candy made primarily from sugar, corn syrup and whipped egg whites. It may not sound like much but each little bite is, well, divine. Continue Reading…


15 Pies perfect for Thanksgiving | completelydelicious.com

It turns out that I have a thing for pie. And in the 7 years that I’ve been blogging I’ve created quite the collection of pies and tarts in my recipe index— over 50! So with Thanksgiving just a few days away I thought I’d highlight a few that would be right at home on your holiday table. Whether you’re looking for a pie that’s traditional or something with a fun twist, I’ve got you covered!

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Classic Pumpkin Pie | completelydelicious.com

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I’ve confessed on my blog a few times about how I’m actually not a big fan of pumpkin. It seems blasphemous, I know, for a baking blogger to detest pumpkin desserts but that’s just the way it is.

The one exception I have is pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving. On this one particular day, I love a thin slice of pumpkin pie with a pile of whipped cream on top. Mmm mmm MMM! It’s a perfect ending to the holiday. Continue Reading…