You are just four ingredients away from enjoying this super simple, very chocolaty dessert.

Chocolate Oreo Parfaits |

These parfaits happened almost completely by accident.

I was attempting a reinvented mousse recipe I found in a magazine but it just wasn’t working out. Maybe it wasn’t a solid recipe, or maybe I just wasn’t on top of my game that day, I don’t know. But after giving up I was left with a melted bowl of beautiful, very expensive chocolate and I was not going to just dump it down the drain. And eating it by the spoonful didn’t seem like the wisest idea either.

One look at the Oreos sitting on my counter thanks to a pregnancy craving, and a whole new recipe was born. Continue Reading…


Bacon, hash browns and extra sharp cheddar cheese baked together till crispy is an easy breakfast dish your family will ask for over and over again! Post sponsored in partnership with Sargento® .

Cheesy Bacon Hash Brown Pie |

With all of the craziness that has been our life the during the last month, we pretty much had to abandon our regular routine, and I’ve missed it. But now we’ve moved into our new house and things are starting to slow down and return to a new normal.


One of the first things I’m bringing back is lazy weekend breakfasts together as a family. Continue Reading…


Big brother!

2015 is shaping to be a big year for our family. Not only have we moved to Moab, Utah (look for an update soon), but we are also expecting a baby boy in August! Continue Reading…