Caramel Cashew Ice Cream |

There are two tricks to adding mix-ins to a frozen ice cream base without it all melting into a big mess before you get it back to the freezer:

  1. Work quickly! Have everything you need ready to go when you turn off your ice cream machine and don’t dawdle. 
  2. Have everything as cold as possible. While the ice cream is churning, I put the container in which the ice cream will go (for me, a glass bowl) in the freezer. I also keep my add-ins cold. For example, the raspberry puree has been chilling the fridge for hours and the brownies are already broken into chunks and stored in the freezer.

To put it all together, spoon some ice cream into the bowl, then drizzle with raspberry puree and sprinkle brownie chunks. Repeat until all the ice cream is gone. Put in the freezer immediately to harden before serving.