Brownie Berry Trifles |

I always try to use fresh berries in my baking for best results, but sometimes finding them year-round proves difficult. Fortunately, frozen berries are a viable option! Here are a few tips to remember when baking with frozen berries:

  • No need to thaw them ahead of time.
  • Increase the amount of cornstarch if it is called for in a recipe. Frozen berries will release more liquid as they bake, requiring more thickener. Try adding 1-2 tablespoons of extra cornstarch.
  • Do not overwork frozen berries. Handle them gently and as little as possible, as they can break down very easily and turn to mush.
  • Baking time will also need to be increased as the frozen berries keep the interior colder longer. The additional time will depend on the type of recipe and amount of berries used.