My favorite tools for pie baking!

My favorite pie tools

I often get asked what tools I use when I bake a pie, and so here they are all in one place!

There’s nothing flashy or expensive, and in fact the biggest price tag on this list is a whopping $13. Mixing bowls and measuring spoons are kind of a given so I haven’t included them here. What you’ll find here instead are more pie-specific tools— like a pastry blender, pie weights, and a rolling pin. Read on to see what I can’t bake without!

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Essential pie toolkit

These are the tools I use every time I bake a pie, and that I couldn’t do without!

Pastry Blender, $10.99

A pastry blender is an absolute must when it comes to making homemade pie crust, and you’ll find it’s useful for plenty of other baking recipes too.

Rolling Pin, $13.00

Feel free to use whatever rolling pin you have that works best for you, but I love my french-style rolling pin. It has tapered ends that make it easy to grasp, giving me more control for even rolling.

Bench Scraper, $9.99

A bench scraper is super handy to have while you’re rolling out pie crust, plus it makes cleanup afterwards a breeze!

Pie Dish, $7.07

I use a variety of pie dishes— ceramic, glass, and metal; deep-dish and traditional. This is my favorite all-purpose pie dish. It’s the standard 9 inches in diameter (which works for almost all pie recipes), has a flat edge, and I love that the glass means I can see through to the crust.

Additional pie tools

These tools aren’t necessary, but can be very helpful!

Pie Weights$5.99

You can get away with dried beans or rice, but a set of ceramic pie weights will last you forever. They transfer heat evenly and are easy to clean and store.

Pie Shield$7.99

I usually cheat and just use foil, but a ceramic pie shield does a better job and it cuts down on waste.

Baking mat with measurements,$9.71

Take the guess work out of rolling out pie crust and other pastries! Plus this mat also has temperature, weight, and measurement conversion charts right at your fingertips.

Pastry Wheel, $4.64

Perfect for slicing crust strips for a lattice or other decoration. A 2-in-1 double wheel means you can choose either straight or scalloped edges.

Pastry Brush, $8.99

I didn’t put this on the must-haves because you can get away without it, but I brush every pie I bake with an egg wash before baking. It makes all the difference in presentation!


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