Also known as cake balls, but think that name is a little too beneath these adorable treats. So I will call them cake truffles.

I first took notice of these cupcake pops on Bakerella several months ago. How cute are they? But I immediately dismissed them as something far and above my creative abilities and didn’t think about it again until Dee of The Pioneer Woman Cooks blogged about it. She had Bakerella over and together they put together a very detailed tutorial. They make it look so easy! The cupcake pop begins as a little cake ball, and I thought that I should start with that.

To sum up my experience with the cake truffles, I’d say that they are very simple to make, yet very time consuming. I worked on mine over a three day period, although now that I have the hang of it I probably could do it in half the time. I also made two batches, mostly because I wanted to have more than one flavor, so I had a lot of truffles to work with. I chose strawberry and lemon because I thought they’d go well with Easter, and while they were good, I think I’ll try different flavors next time to compare.

I was really happy with how well these turned out. They were pretty cute, and very delicious. However, they are also really sweet, so one cake truffle was about all I could handle in a single setting. I plan to make these again, and this time I think I’ll try chocolate cake, and maybe even get more adventurous with the decorating.

I’ll post the basic recipe below, but visit these sites for more details and instructions. They explain it better anyway:
Cake Truffles
1 boxed cake mix and required ingredients
1 container of prepared frosting
Melting chocolate
Prepare cake as instructed. Cool the cake completely (I did it overnight) and them crumble it. You should be left with a big pile of crumbs.
Next, add the frosting and mix to incorporate (Note: I added the frosting about a 1/2 cup at a time, and good thing I did too because I only ended up needing just over a cup and not the whole container. The amount of frosting probably depends on the cake you use as brands vary). The mix should be uniform and slightly sticky, but not complete mush.
Roll into bite-sized balls and chill for several hours. Melt the chocolate in a bowl and dip each ball in individually. Allow to set on parchment paper, which only takes a few minutes. Decorate as desired.
Like I said, this is the most basic instructions and if you plan on making these, I highly encourage you to look at the links. They have a lot of very helpful (and necessary) tips.

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2 Responses to Cake truffles

  1. Shaun and Kelli Stracener says:

    those are seriously yummy! They are a big hit here too! You should try my oreo truffles. It’s the same concept except you crumble a whole package of oreo cookies and mix them together with a box of cream cheese. Roll them into balls, chill for a few hours, and then dip into any kind of almond bark or melted chocolate. SOO good. Anything with the word “truffle” in it sounds divine to me anyway! Love ya!

  2. Melodi says:

    So….I’ve seen these before on sticks and they are so beautiful. I think I’ll make them for my friends baby shower at the end of the month. Any suggestions? She’s having a girl. Would you just to balls or put them on sticks? Can you stack them or do they kind of melt into each other? Do you store them in the fridge until shortly before you eat….Thanks!

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