All of my favorite canning tools to help you get started preserving at home!

My Favorite Canning Tools

These are my favorite canning tools and the only ones you need to get started canning at home: 

1.Food in Jars: Preserving in Small Batches Year-Round by Marisa McClellan, or another canning resource book. It will have everything you need to know about canning, plus great recipes.
2. A set of jars. They come in half-pint, pint, and quart size with either a regular or wide mouth. What you’ll need will depend on what your canning. I have a mixture of all.
3. Additional lids and ring bands. Jars come with lids and bands, but the lids are not reusable. You’ll need new lids for every batch of canning you do, and extra bands are handy to have around too.
4. A jar lifter to insert and remove jars from boiling water.
5. A water-bath canner or large pot to sterilize and process jars.
6.jar funnel to help you scoop your jam, sauce, fruits, or veggies into the jars without making a huge mess.

You can buy a lot of other fun tools and gadgets, but in my opinion, this is all you need (in addition to standard tools you already have in your kitchen) to get started.

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