Sweet cherries are enveloped in a flaky buttery crust, and then baked until golden and bubbling. Served with vanilla ice cream (of course), I dare you to find a dessert more perfect for summer.

Sweet Cherry Pie from completelydelicious.com

I don’t want to spend my life not having good food going into my pie hole. That hole was meant for pies.” —Paula Deen

I haven’t seen eye to eye with Paula Deen on a lot of things, but I have to agree with her on this one. Life is just too short to not enjoy a good homemade slice of pie every now and then.

Sweet Cherry Pie from completelydelicious.com
Sweet Cherry Pie from completelydelicious.com Sweet Cherry Pie from completelydelicious.com

This sweet cherry pie has been a summer favorite of mine ever since I first baked it several years ago. I’ve never been a big fan of cherry pie made with canned sour cherries, but this version made with fresh sweet cherries is a whole different story.

The only problem is not eating the cherries before I’ve had a chance to bake the pie! Now that’s a challenge, but it comes with a very sweet reward.

Sweet Cherry Pie from completelydelicious.com

Ways to pit a cherry

You can find all sorts of cherry pitters online, but you don’t need to invest in a tool if you don’t want to! Here are a few creative ways to remove the pits from cherries:

>> Use a pastry tip
>> Use a drinking straw
>> Use a chopstick and bottle
>> Use a paring knife

Sweet Cherry Pie from completelydelicious.com

Note: This recipe was originally published in July 2010. Pictures have been updated and slight improvements have been made to the recipe.

Sweet Cherry Pie
  • 1 double pie crust recipe
  • 3 lbs (6 cups, 1.3 kg) cherries, pitted and halved
  • ¾ cup (150 grams) granulated sugar
  • ¼ cup (28 grams) cornstarch
  • Zest of 1 lemon
  • Juice of 1 lemon
  • 1 teaspoon almond extract
  • 1 large egg + 1 teaspoon water, for egg wash
  1. Preheat oven to 400 degrees F.
  2. On a floured surface, roll one disk of pie dough out into a rough 13 inch circle. Transfer to a 9-inch pie dish and trim overhang to 1 inch.
  3. In a large bowl toss together the cherries, sugar, cornstarch, lemon zest, lemon juice and almond extract. Dump into the prepared bottom crust.
  4. Roll the second disk of dough out into a rough 10 inch circle. If desired, cut into 1-inch strips and lay in a lattice pattern on top of the pie. Alternately, transfer the circle of dough to the top of the pie and trim overhang to 1 inch. Pinch to seal the two crusts together and fold under into the pie crust. Crimp edges as desired. If not using lattice, cut 1-inch slits in the dough for vents for steam.
  5. Place on a sheet pan and bake until crust is golden and juices are bubbling, about 1 hour. Cover with foil if crust browns too quickly. Let cool completely to room temperature, which should take a few hours. Serve at room temperature or reheat to serve warm, if desired. Store leftovers in the fridge.

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24 Responses to Sweet Cherry Pie

  1. The Comfort of Cooking says:

    Gorgeous, gorgeous photos, Annalise! This is a lovely pie, and a job well done. Now… Did you save your drooling readers a slice?

  2. Alina says:

    Awww I love pies with *a lot* of filling!! Yours looks like one of those! I've never tried making a lattice pie before… it looks so beautiful!

  3. grace says:

    lovely lattice and just plain gorgeous pie!

  4. Bernideen says:

    I just copied several recipes here – they are fabulous – great blog!

  5. Jenifer says:

    this pie tasted amazing! The crust was to die for. seriously… i couldn't wait to eat the pie because the scent of the crust filled my house. I'm pretty sure that's what Heaven smells like, if Heaven has a smell. In any case, this pie was just plain out amazing, as is all of your creations. You are the first place I check when I'm looking for a new recipe!

  6. Diane says:

    What a beautiful pie!!! I can’t wait to try it. I have not been successful with pie crust in the past. You have made it look easy and delicious today. Thank you so much!!!

  7. This is the most gorgeous pie! Pinning!

  8. Your pies always look gorgeous and this is no exception! I’m all about cherries right now and love playing with them in the kitchen, so this flaky, buttery pie is meant to happen anytime soon around here!

    xo, Elisa

  9. I think cherry pie has got to be my favorite pie — it’s so simple but so perfectly delicious. Yours looks gorgeous! Almost too pretty to eat — almost. 😉

    • Annalise says:

      Thanks Stephanie! Pies do totally have that “too pretty to cut” quality. But once you do, watch out! The whole thing will be gone in a flash. 🙂

  10. What a gorgeous pie, Annalise! And I love your tips about pitting cherries. The chopstick method is one that has worked for me before.

    • Annalise says:

      Thanks Dara! I actually haven’t had to employ many of those cherry pitting hacks myself, I’ve always just owned a cherry pitter. But I’m thinking I might have to try it just for the fun of it!

  11. LOVED this pie! And your Paula Dean quote made me laugh!! Thanks for sharing a slice with me:) I’m a lucky friend!

    • Annalise says:

      I should have sent you home with a few extra slices! Sharing baked goods is one of the main reasons to bake them in the first place. 🙂

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  13. GAH!! This is flipping gorgeous! Perfect for the 4th!

  14. Sweet fancy! I need this in my life.

  15. I have had such a craving for cherry pie this last week, then boom! I hit your site. writing down the ingrediants now!

  16. Mary Frances says:

    Beautiful and oh so sweet!

  17. Stephanie says:

    Oh wow, this looks amazing! I would love to give you a ton of cherries next season because most of the cherries on my cherry tree go to waste. =(

  18. Unical says:

    It must be delicious pie! Looks amazing.

  19. Gary W. Sang says:

    In your instructions, you left out the brushing on the egg wash step.

  20. i just want to add the can of cherrios to the graham cracker crust
    and just add cornstarch and sugar,sour cream,and bake until it bubbles. is that o kay????

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