Mile High Apple Pie |

From the USDA (via “It can be used for canned fruit pie fillings because it does not break down in the acid food mixtures and does not thicken enough during heat processing to interfere with the intended effect of the heat on killing bacteria during canning. It is preferred for thickening canned pie fillings as well as other foods over other corn starches because it has less or no aftertaste, the thickened juices are smooth and clear, and foods thickened with ClearJel® may be frozen…There is no substitution for ClearJel® that can be made in these recipes. This means do not use other cornstarch  flour, tapioca, or other thickener in our recipes.”

Based on this advice, I only use and recommend ClearJel in this recipe. Find it online through Amazon, if you can’t find it at your local grocery store.