Summer Berry Breakfast Danish Braid |

A danish pastry isn’t really braided. Instead, a single piece of dough is cut and folded to look like a braid. It’s a quick and easy shortcut, and here’s how to do it:

1. Score the rolled out dough so that it is divided into thirds lengthwise, careful not to slice all the way through. You will use this as a guide.
2. With a sharp knife slice the outer thirds into 1-inch strips at a slight angle.
3. Remove the 2 segments from the top and the bottom of the dough, leaving behind little “notches”.
3. Spread the filling into the middle.
4. To braid, fold one top strip up and over the filling at an angle. Repeat with the top strip on the other side, slightly overlapping the first. Repeat with remaining strips all the way down.