Sweet Tooth Fairy Cupcakes

This post does not contain a recipe and for that, I am sorry.

But you see, yesterday was my birthday. And while in the past I have made some amazing birthday cakes for myself (see last year, I made this fantastic Crepe Cake for myself), this year I decided I would let someone else take care of the sweets.

There are a lot of bakeries here in Salt Lake City that I have yet to try because I always have enough of my own baked goods lying around, that I can’t justify going out and purchasing some from someone else. But I always mean to.

So when I decided to let someone else do the baking for my big day, I figured I couldn’t go wrong with a box of cupcakes. I visited the Sweet Tooth Fairy and picked up a half dozen. Although, now that I’ve just polished off my fifth cupcake as a mid-morning snack, I’m wondering why I didn’t splurge on a whole dozen.

FairyFetti Cupcakes

They were scrumptious, just what the birthday doctor ordered. I’m thinking this is the way to go from now on, let someone else handle the hard kitchen labor, and I get to reap the sweet rewards.

Happy birthday to me!

A regularly scheduled recipe is coming soon, and it’s a great one, so stay tuned!