Happy Sunday! Come see what I’ve been up to this week, plus some of my current faves and new finds.


I hope you all had a happy Halloween and are recovering nicely from your sugar comas. We took John trick-or-treating for the first time and all of us had a blast. Hearing him recite “trick-or-treat” and “happy Halloween” brought me more joy than I expected.

Then we came home and he went to bed, and my husband and I ate all of his candy! I wonder how many more years we’ll be able to get away with that.

Happy Halloween!

Now, on to some Sunday Stuff!

Why you shouldn’t take a pan off of the stove until it’s clean. This is one of the favorite tricks I learned in culinary school.

One of my favorite nights of the year -- sampling @deervalleyresort's winter menu. #skithedifference

This week I had the opportunity to sample the winter menu at Deer Valley Resort in Park City, Utah. For those nearby, skiers or no, their food is fabulous and not to be missed!

I’m going gaga for this cake. Wow!

8 things you should let go of right now. I really, really needed to hear this.


Yep. I hate it when daylight savings ends.

Question: what is your go-to meal when you just don’t feel like making dinner but have to anyway? I asked this question on facebook and got lots of great ideas.

Not sure how many more t-shirt days we'll get this year, so we're making the most of every one.

And finally, don’t forget to enter my Red Star Yeast giveaway!

That’s it for today, have a great week everyone!