Happy Sunday! Come see what I’ve been up to this week, plus some of my current faves and new finds.

Our first kiss

This weekend my husband and I celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary. We kept our celebration simple, with a fancy dinner at the same restaurant where we were married and champagne and cake back at home. Since we rarely splurge for a babysitter and a night out, those few hours out with my man felt amazing.

Not wanting to get too mushy and gushy, I’ll just say that life right now is good. I’ve been blessed with a beautiful family and I don’t think I could be happier.

It's been the BEST day. Hubby randomly had the day off work and we've been to the pool, had a picnic in the park, took a long nap, and ran errands together. My kind of Monday!

Now, on to some Sunday Stuff!

I’m looking for a great multipurpose cardigan sweater for winter. Any suggestions? I have my eye on this one or this one.

Weekly toddler update: this kid is obsessed with trains. On Friday we packed a lunch and I took him to go watch the trains downtown. He was in heaven.

You mean "train watching" is not an item on your daily agenda? What's that like? #lifewithatoddler

Goat cheese + scrambled eggs. Why didn’t I think of that?

Did you see my sweet potato crescent rolls with whipped honey butter from Friday? They’re actually in a little Pinterest contest right now as part of the Baking The World Better campaign. Would love a vote from you! Click here to repin and vote. Thanks!

These sweet potato crescent rolls with whipped honey butter are new on completelydelicious.com today! Perfect for the upcoming holidays! #BakingTheWorldBetter

We made these tacos this week for dinner. So good!

It’s pumpkin carving time! I’ll be referring back to this post from She Wears Many Hats for some creative ideas.

Finally, don’t miss out on my Red Star Yeast giveaway happening now!

That’s it for today, folks. Have a great week!