Happy Sunday! See what we’ve been up to, plus some new finds and current faves.

He's a great helper, except he eats most of what he picks. Good thing there's plenty! #dailyjohn

September may be my favorite month of the year. Summer lingers, but you can just sense that fall is right on its heals. It’s hot in the afternoon, but hoodie weather in the mornings and evening. The leaves are just starting to turn and pumpkins are popping up at the farmers market, but tomatoes and zucchini are still going strong in our garden.ย 

Morning walk with my little buddies.

And now on to the stuff:

>> These lists always make me chuckle. Nailed it!

>> Snickers + cheesecake looks like a match made in heaven.

>> What I hear ALL DAY LONG. Toddlers are relentless. But also cute:

Nap time with his new best friend. #dailyjohn

>> Any other Scandal fans out there? The new season starts on Thursday! I’ve been binge watching it on Netflix to get caught up.

>> Small batch, no-yeast cinnamon rolls? I’m so there.

>> I just bought another dozen of local sweet corn to freeze for the winter. Have you ever done this, it’s super easy! Simply remove kernels, blanch and shock, drain, and freeze in ziplock bags.

Freezing corn is one of the easiest ways to preserve summer produce! Simply remove kernels, blanch and shock, drain, and freeze in ziplock bags. I put up 8 cups (from 1 dozen ears) in 20 minutes for only $5.

>> Quick poll: are you a pumpkin lover, or hater? Unfortunately, I am the latter. I hate the stuff. I’m sorry, every year I try, but it’s just not going to happen.

>> Um, yeah. I want to devour a whole pan of theseย caramel peanut butter cookie bars.

>> On Wednesday I had a group of local food bloggers over for lunch. These ladies have become some of my closest and dearest friends. Plus, whenever we get together the food is stellar! And I always learn something, like, they’ve been missing my Sunday Stuff posts. So this one’s for you, girls.