Isla Mujeres

I’m just back from a most wonderful vacation in Cancun, Mexico and the Riviera Maya. It was fun and relaxing, and I can’t wait to tell you all about it this week after I’ve unpacked and caught my breath. Until then, you can check out my photos on instagram.

On vacation

For now, let’s move on to my Sunday Spotlight of current happenings. Not surprisingly, Mexico is still on my mind.

>> We had 2 flights each way with our toddler in our lap, so we were more than a little prepared:

When you have a 2-leg flight w/ an almost 2 year-old on your lap, you come prepared.

I wasn’t taking any chances. The markers and candy were a big hit, but the games and movies on my phone definitely kept him occupied the longest.

>> While I thought I was pretty good about applying sunscreen frequently, we still got a little bit sunburned every day. I wonder if I’m buying the wrong stuff. So I want to know, do you have a favorite sunscreen?

No-Bake Chocolate Peanut Butter Nests

>>Easter is right around the corner, can you believe it? Check out these No-Bake Chocolate Peanut Butter Cookies I created for Peanut Butter & Co. So easy and delicious!

>> Later this week I want to share a recipe inspired from my tropical sipping. So which do you like better— Margarita or Piña Colada?


>> Did you enjoy Pizza Week? Now that we’re back I’m excited to check out all the pizzas I missed this past week— like this Spring Berry Pizza with Arugula and Prosciutto from Foodie Crush, or this Lemon and Goat Cheese Pizza with Quinoa Crust from Cafe Johnsonia, or this Deep Dish Apple Pie Pizza from Canella Vita.

Also, check out my Raspberry Brie Dessert Pizza with Rosemary and Candied Pecans.

>> And finally, who else is excited for the return of Mad Men tonight??

That’s it for today! What’s on your mind this week?