Today’s Sunday Spotlight recipe comes from Marc of No Recipes, plus I’m sharing some new finds and current faves.

Strawberry Meyer Lemon Bars,

These Strawberry Lemon Bars have been in the back of my brain for years. And this week, when we got a true taste for warm spring weather, only to have Old Man Winter take it back again, they were exactly what I needed.

I love that Marc’s recipe uses meyer lemons and strawberries. There’s no overkill on tartness and huge amounts of sugar needed to compensate it, like I’ve found in many lemon bars. The only thing I’d do differently next time is double the amount of strawberries. They were my favorite part!

Find the recipe for these Strawberry Meyer Lemon Bars HERE.

The smell of our blooming lilacs is intoxicating. #ilovespring Spring... have I told you lately that I love you?

Let’s move on to this week’s highlights, plus current faves and new finds:

Family selfie from our picnic blanket in the back yard. Happy Easter!

>> This may be my most favorite family photo of all time. Where would we be without selfies?

>> I am over-the-moon excited about my new toys.

>> Do you have a favorite podcast? I like to listen to them on our afternoon walks to the park. This American Life and The Splendid Table are not surprising faves of my mine, but I also really enjoy Spilled Milk from food blogger Molly Wizenberg and her friend Matthew.

>> I’ve found the best Pinterest Board on the Internet.

>> Looking for a great weeknight meal? We loved this noodle salad from Pinch of Yum.

Today my baby turns two. #dailyjohn

>> Yesterday our little John turned two years old! I can’t believe it. He is such a sweet boy and a huge joy in our lives.

Oh, and stay tuned. The recipe for those cupcakes are coming later this week.

>> Do you love parchment paper as much as I do?

>> I’m a little late to the party, but I’ve fallen in love with #theoandbeau. Cutest pair there ever was.

>> My favorite recipe finds this weekStrawberry Jam and Moonshine Cocktails from Dessert For Two, Chocolate Peanut Butter Pudding Pops from Annie’s Eats, and Fancy BLT Grilled Cheese Sandwiches from Simply Scratch.

Have a wonderful week!