The view during lunch up at The Canyons. It's gorgeous! #evoconf

The Evolution of Women in Social Media conference, or Evo, is becoming a favorite summer highlight of mine. If you’re a blogger and have never been to a conference before, I highly recommend finding one that interests you. There’s nothing more fun than spending a weekend with like-minded people, sharing knowledge and building long-lasting relationships. Evo is great because it’s very laid-back, family friendly, and appeals to people with all kinds of blogs.

I’m lucky that it takes place practically in my own back yard in Park City at The Canyons Resort. This year we stayed at the resort and turned Evo into a little “staycation”. John accompanied me to the majority of the workshops and for the most part was a champ. Conferencing with a baby is not easy, but we made the most of it. I do have to thank my husband for being a huge help whenever he could.

I don’t have space enough here to recap all the wonderful things that happened during Evo, so here are my favorite takeaways got from the conference.

From Casey Mullins: If you’re not having fun, it’s probably you’re fault. Do something about it, and don’t compare yourself to others.

From Jyl Johnson Pattee: Look for the super in everyone. Enough said.

From Kathleen Harris: Delegating + leaving dishes in the sink + outsourcing when you can = greater happiness. Let go of unrealistic expectations and the pressure to be perfect.

From Allison McDonald: Bloggers are your community, not your competition. There was loud applause when Allison made this statement.

Love our room at @canyonsresort. I may never leave! #evoconf

Fun food workshop up on the mountain with @sandycoughlinre @nakanosplash & @chefjyh. #evoconf

Making crostini with @foodiecrush @twopeasandpod and @alisonlewis. #evoconf @nakanosplash

Probably my favorite thing about blogging is the community. Some of my closest friends are ones I’ve met online. I’m lucky to be a part of a close knit group of local food bloggers that support each other as bloggers and friends. I don’t blog because I want to make money or be famous, I blog because it’s fun and because it continues to reward me with meaningful relationships.

Love these ladies! Shout out to Utah food bloggers! @twopeasandpod @foodiecrush @mountainmamacooks @budgetgourmetm #evoconf