Raspberry and Blackberry Crumb Bars

I picked up a few cartons of some beautiful blackberries and raspberries at a farmers market booth and I sought after a recipe worthy of them. Should I make a tart or a pie? I finally decided on a recipe I saw last summer for Blueberry Crumb Bars and never got around to making. Swapping raspberries and blackberries for the blueberries should work quite well. And they did, quite well indeed.

These crumb bars are extremely dangerous. I kept slicing pieces away until nearly half the pan was gone. And I probably would have kept going if my better judgment hadn’t kicked in. I rallied family to help with the rest and they eagerly stepped in.

These could be easily made with any fruit or berry you have on hand. I may try these later with apples and cinnamon, or maybe cranberries. They are completely delicious, consider yourself warned.

Raspberry and Blackberry Crumb Bars
Makes 12 square bars
Adapted from Smitten Kitchen

1 1 /2 cup sugar
1 teaspoon baking powder
3 cups all-purpose flour
1 cup cold unsalted butter
1 egg
1/4 teaspoon salt
Zest and juice of one lemon
4 cups fresh berries
4 teaspoon cornstarch

Preheat oven to 375 degrees F. Grease and flour a 9 x 13 inch baking dish.

In a medium bowl, sift together the 1 cup of sugar, the flour and baking powder. Stir in the salt and lemon zest. With a pastry cutter, cut in the butter and the egg. The dough will be very crumbly. Pat half of the crumb mixture into the prepared dish.

In another bowl, combine 1/2 cup sugar, lemon juice, and cornstarch. Gently fold in the berries and pour evenly over the crust. Take the other half of the crumb mixture and sprinkle on top of the berries.

Bake for 45 to 50 minutes until the top has slightly browned.

The crumb bars will keep better in the fridge and are more easily cut when chilled.