Fresh raspberries and sliced plums enveloped in a flaky butter pie crust make for a fond farewell to summer.

Raspberry Plum Pie |

Summer is winding down, I can feel it. Kids are heading back to school, the days are slowly getting shorter, and pumpkin recipes have started to take over my Pinterest feed.

Our whole summer was building towards baby brother’s arrival and now that he’s here there’s nothing to do but coast through till fall. But summer, I’m not ready to give up on you yet. Continue Reading…



It’s been a little quiet on here for good reason— we had a baby! Continue Reading…


Frozen homemade pizzas are obviously far superior to frozen store bought pizzas, and not all that hard to make yourself. I’ll show you how!

How to freeze homemade pizza |

Well we’ve reached it, the end of my pregnancy. We’re hoping to welcome baby brother sometime this week— eek!

I’m excited and anxious, and in many ways so not ready. Last week I had one last burst of nesting and vowed to stock our cupboards, fridge and freezer with enough food to last us a long time. Because with two kids who knows when I’ll ever have time to cook again.

I’ve been making casseroles, portioning out cooked and shredded meat, bottling up soups and more. We depend on weekly pizza nights in our house so stashing a few homemade pizzas in the freezer is a must to. Continue Reading…