Just 5 ingredients and a few minutes of prep and you’re on your way to enjoying this simply perfect nectarine puff pastry tart.

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Easiest Nectarine Puff Pastry Tart | completelydelicious.com

Looking for a simple way to highlight perfect, peak-season fruit in a dessert without a lot of fuss? This tart right here is about to become your new best friend.

It’s just store-bought puff pastry and fresh nectarines with a little bit of butter, sugar, and cinnamon. Yep, it’s that easy! >> More


A quick and easy pasta dish— linguine with a simple creamy lemon sauce, fresh tomatoes, and basil.

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Lemon Pasta with Tomatoes and Basil | completelydelicious.com

Of all the meals I make for my family, this one right here is the one I frequent the most. It’s the meal I keep in my back pocket for nights when I’m too tired or busy to come up with anything else.

Pasta is always my ace in the hole dinner because it’s so easy to throw it together with a simple sauce and whatever vegetables, meat, cheeses, etc. I have in the fridge. And this combo is my most favorite— with plump seasonal tomatoes, basil picked fresh from my herb garden and the easiest creamy lemon sauce. >> More


This light and refreshing sorbet made with raspberries and rosé wine is just the kind of grown-up frozen treat we all need.

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Raspberry Rosé Sorbet | completelydelicious.com

It’s already August, you guys. August. Where has this summer gone? In just a few weeks everyone is going to be all excited about boots, sweaters, and PSLs and I’m going to be over here fighting back tears. Because summer should never, ever end.

But alas, that’s not how the world works. So until the seasons change you’ll find me soaking up every bit of summer I can. And you can count on me churning up a fresh batch of this raspberry rosé sorbet every weekend till Labor Day. >> More


It’s two desserts in one!

Chocolate Chip Cookie Brownies | completelydelicious.com

This recipe was developed in partnership with Go Bold With Butter.

Cookies or brownies? Brownies or cookies?

This is the dilemma I often face when I’ve got a sweet craving. Do I want rich and fudgy chocolate brownies or do I want soft and chewy chocolate chip cookies? The truth is I actually want both, and now I don’t have to pick just one! >> More


A light, summery tart filled with lemon cream and topped with lots of fresh strawberries, raspberries, and blueberries.

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Lemon Berry Tart | completelydelicious.com

I think one of the first things I baked at home once I decided to attend culinary school and become a “serious” baker was a tart just like this— a sweet pastry dough crust with a homemade vanilla pastry cream and fresh berries. It wasn’t a huge challenge, but there was just something about being able to make one of my favorite bakery treats at home all by myself.

It was definitely a proud moment, and one that made me think “okay, I can do this.” >> More