You’ve likely seen room temperature eggs listed in the ingredients for various baking recipes. And maybe you’ve followed those instructions, but maybe you haven’t. Does it really even matter? The answer is that it depends. Continue Reading…


Assorted mushrooms cooked down with marsala wine served on top of rich and creamy cheesy polenta makes for a great weeknight meal.

Mushroom Ragu with Cheesy Polenta |

My son is a few months shy of his third birthday and has just starting acting so… weird. He’s still fun and he’s still adorable, but now he’s got all these little mannerisms that are quite bizarre.

He’s currently obsessed with his tongue. It’s always hanging out of his mouth, like he’s showing it off, and I cannot get him to stop licking everything (ew). He’s also started talking in gibberish all the time, even though his vocabulary and knowledge of sentence structure are pretty solid at this point.

I’m confident things like these are just phases that will pass (quickly, hopefully!) and I’m trying to just enjoy the ride, icky licking and all. Continue Reading…


You just can’t beat a classic, and these tender and moist red velvet cupcakes with rich cream cheese frosting are about as good as it gets.

Classic red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting from

For the last several weeks I have been testing out red velvet recipes in preparation for Valentine’s Day. I wanted to have something new and fun to share with you, but I kept striking out. Continue Reading…