Frozen homemade pizzas are obviously far superior to frozen store bought pizzas, and not all that hard to make yourself. I’ll show you how!

How to freeze homemade pizza |

Well we’ve reached it, the end of my pregnancy. We’re hoping to welcome baby brother sometime this week— eek!

I’m excited and anxious, and in many ways so not ready. Last week I had one last burst of nesting and vowed to stock our cupboards, fridge and freezer with enough food to last us a long time. Because with two kids who knows when I’ll ever have time to cook again.

I’ve been making casseroles, portioning out cooked and shredded meat, bottling up soups and more. We depend on weekly pizza nights in our house so stashing a few homemade pizzas in the freezer is a must to. Continue Reading…


Peach cobbler is one of summer’s beloved desserts, and now you can enjoy it even more knowing you don’t have to heat up your kitchen to make it.

Slow Cooker Peach Cobbler |

We’ve been gobbling up this summer’s peaches by the pound, mostly sliced up and served just as they are— is there anything better? I also love baking with peaches, but it’s been so hot I haven’t wanted to turn on my oven any more than necessary. Then I remembered that I could make my slow cooker do all the dirty work without heating up my kitchen.

Slow cookers aren’t just for the winter months, you know. Continue Reading…


How to cut a cake evenly into cake layers |

If you’re looking to add a little extra pizzazz to a layer cake, more cake layers is a great way to do just that. More layers means a taller cake and more oohs and aahs from friends and family when you slice into it. While you can bake each layer individually, you might not have enough cake pans or oven space, so splitting cake layers in half horizontally is the way to go.

There are lots of suggestions out there for how to divide cake layers in half— you can buy a fancy tool, you can cut them in half with the help of toothpicks, and you can even use dental floss. However, this is my favorite method. It’s easy, accurate, and requires no fancy equipment. Continue Reading…