A sweet and crunchy trail mix made of chunks of homemade granola, coconut flakes, toasted almonds, and BROOKSIDE Dark Chocolates.

Winter Trail Mix - with granola clusters, toasted coconut and almonds, and chocolate covered berries | completelydelicious.com

I’ve never been a big fan of trail mix— too much saltiness and not enough sweet. I always pick out all of the chocolate and then hand the bag to my husband to finish the rest.

But this right here, this is my dream trail mix. It’s filled with coconut, almonds, granola clusters and dark chocolate with fruit flavors. My husband will be lucky if he gets any. In fact, this trail mix might not even make it out onto the trail. Continue Reading…


Rich and flavorful corn chowder made even creamier with Wisconsin gouda. Served with bacon, of course!

Smoked Gouda Corn Chowder | completelydelicious.com

Winter seems a little confused this year.

Almost once a week we have this perfectly warm and sunny day where it feels like spring is just around the corner. I love those days! But then Old Man Winter remembers it’s January and brings the bitter cold back. I hate those days.

On those days I wear my super thick slipper socks and cozy up to big bowls of soup. Continue Reading…


This is one showstopper of a cake, with layers of rich chocolate cola cake covered with a dulce de leche, coconut and pecan icing.

Chocolate Cola Cake with Dulce de Leche, Coconut and Pecan Icing | completelydelicious.com

As of this week, my husband is another year older and (sort of) wiser. And even though most of the celebration was super low key, I couldn’t pass up an opportunity to make a killer cake.

Because what’s a birthday without cake? Continue Reading…