Skip the drive-thru and try this homemade cherry limeade instead!

Cherry Limeade |

It’s that time of year when everything is fresh and plentiful. So much great produce is right at my fingertips, and the inspiration for new recipes is constant. The ideas just keep coming and my list has never been so long. But my pregnant body screams “hell no, don’t you dare get off the couch or I’ll make you regret it later!” And so on the couch I remain.

My energy has plummeted in recent weeks and some days it’s all I can do to feed my family, let alone create new recipes. And so I hope you’ll forgive the slowdown of posts. Hopefully you’re off having your own summer fun and haven’t even noticed. Continue Reading…


Rich and creamy cashew infused ice cream swirled with caramel and packed with cashew halves.

Caramel Cashew Ice Cream |

Today it’s supposed to be 106 degrees here in Moab. One hundred and six degrees. This is the first big heat wave of the summer and even though I knew it was coming, I am still so very unhappy about it. To make it all worse, I’ve still got 10 weeks of pregnancy left.

I don’t know who you should feel more sorry for— me or my poor husband who has to put up with so much sweaty grumpiness. No, feel sorry for me.

But don’t feel too bad for either of us, because we’re pretty much living off of ice cream at this point. Continue Reading…


It’s rich, creamy and intensely chocolaty, and it couldn’t be easier to make! Plus it’s the perfect topping for cakes, cupcakes and more.

Super easy and decadent fudge buttercream frosting, perfect topping for any cake or cupcake |

Baking and assembling a cake is hard enough without adding a complicated frosting recipe to the mix. Everyone needs a few easy frosting recipes up their sleeve and this is one of my favorites. It always receives rave reviews and every time I whir it up I want to dive in headfirst into the silky chocolate. Although I usually settle for a few finger swipes instead. Continue Reading…