Sour Cream Chicken Enchiladas

Simple and satisfying chicken enchiladas with a creamy sour cream and green chile sauce.

My family's favorite sour cream chicken enchiladas!

My interest in food and recipes came late, after I graduated from college. As a hobby I started this blog, then I decided to go to culinary school, and eventually recipe development became my full-time job. I’ve learned so much about different foods and cooking styles, and for many years I snubbed my nose at the meat-and-potatoes meals of my childhood.

But now I’ve come full circle, appreciating the fact that every single night of the week my mom put a healthy meal on the table for our large family of nine. That’s not an easy feat! And sure, our meals were rarely adventurous or sophisticated, but I find myself craving my mom’s simple home cooking often.

These sour cream enchiladas are straight from her recipe box, copied down on an index card when I headed off to school, and I still make them all the time.