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Fresh raspberries and sliced plums enveloped in a flaky butter pie crust make for a fond farewell to summer.

Raspberry Plum Pie |

Summer is winding down, I can feel it. Kids are heading back to school, the days are slowly getting shorter, and pumpkin recipes have started to take over my Pinterest feed.

Our whole summer was building towards baby brother’s arrival and now that he’s here there’s nothing to do but coast through till fall. But summer, I’m not ready to give up on you yet. Continue Reading…


These galettes are mini, rustic and filled with fresh blueberries. They’re a must for your summer baking list!

Mini Blueberry Galettes |

Who can resist a 2 lb flat of blueberries for $5? Definitely not me, I’ve bought 3 flats already and I’m heading back for more. We’re popping them like candy and eating them with everything.

Summer really is great, isn’t it?

We had a break in our heat wave last week and I had a hankering for these mini blueberry galettes. The recipe is an old favorite from the archives and with all the blueberries in our house I just couldn’t resist. Continue Reading…


How to make a lattice pie crust |

Summer pie season is upon us. Cherry, blueberry, and peach,— oh my! Just thinking about all of those pies gets me excited, and makes me want to get baking.

A home baked fruit pie with a lattice crust is a guaranteed crowd pleaser. If you’ve always wanted to bake your own lattice-topped pie but have been too intimidated to try, I’m here to help! I’ll show you just how easy it is.

Continue Reading…