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Stash these simple slice-and-bake salted chocolate pistachio cookies in the freezer for whenever your cookie craving hits!


Right now is pretty much the Olympics of Baking. I’ve been training all year, I’ve got 15 pounds of butter in my freezer and a stack of food magazines on my nightstand. I’m ready to bake.

Sure, there’s a lot of candy and other treats happening in my kitchen this holiday season, but mostly it’s cookies, cookies, cookies. Cookies for parties, cookies for the toddler’s daycare teachers, and cookies to send to faraway friends. Continue Reading…


Gingersnap Biscotti |

These cookies have all of the spice and molasses flavor of my grandmother’s famous gingersnaps, but with the extra snap and crunch of biscotti.

They’re perfect for dunking in coffee, hot cider, and even hot cocoa. Which means they’re practically breakfast food, right? Right? I may have eaten a few for breakfast the other day and I’m not even sorry about it. Continue Reading…


Chewy Chocolate Cookies from

Before I left home for college almost 15 years ago my mom gave me a plastic recipe box and a stack of index cards. I sat myself down in front of her overflowing recipe box and made copies of my most favorite family recipes. Among them, these soft and chewy chocolate cookies.

Chewy Chocolate Cookies from

Chewy Chocolate Cookies from

Continue Reading…