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Giant oatmeal cookies with chunks of dark chocolate, who could ask for anything more?

Oatmeal Chocolate Chunk Cookies from

Happy Friday, friends!

Lately I’ve been TGIF-ing with cookies. I’m good all week long— crossing things off my to-do list, cleaning up in the wake of my nonstop toddler, and eating lots of salads. Now it’s Friday and I just want to kick back with a freshly baked cookie or two, and maybe a big glass of wine come five o’clock.

Oatmeal Chocolate Chunk Cookies from

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The ultimate cookie decadence— rich brownie-like chocolate cookies studded with chocolate chips, stuffed with Nutella and caramel-filled chocolates, and topped with fleur de sel. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Salted Caramel & Nutella Stuffed Double Chocolate Cookies

I’m starting something new today on the blog! A few Sundays a month I plan to spotlight baking recipes from other bloggers I’m following around the web. I am blown away by what others are doing with butter, eggs, sugar and flour, but hardly ever get around to trying anything because I’m too busy with my own recipes. So this is an excuse to bake (and eat, of course) all the things I’m ogling over.

First up is this recipe from Izy of Top with Cinnamon (go check her out!). It was actually these cookies that gave me the inspiration for this whole thing in the first place because, well, how could I not bake them? Just look at them. Insane. Her fun video sealed the deal. Continue Reading…


Breakfast just got a lot less boring with these healthier cookies packed with crunchy granola, shredded coconut, pecans, and dried cherries.

Granola Breakfast Cookies from

I’ve become a lot more lazy lately when it comes to breakfast. I used to make more of an effort, and I still do on the weekends. But during the week, I’m just too tired, with too many to-do tasks staring me down each morning.

Recipes like this one for granola breakfast cookies have become my saving grace.

Granola Breakfast Cookies from

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