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The ultimate sweet bread— braided challah stuffed with a swirled cinnamon-walnut filling.

Cinnamon-Walnut Stuffed Challah Bread |

My Dad always says on the ski slopes— if you’re not falling, you’re not learning.

That phrase continues to motivate me, both on and off the slopes. For example, some days I have big flops in the kitchen. Cakes don’t rise, pies don’t set, and genius ideas don’t pan out. These fails are always frustrating, but it’s a good reminder that I still have stuff to learn.

Plus, those flops make the successes so much sweeter. Pulling this beautiful loaf of cinnamon-walnut stuffed challah bread from the oven after a few failed attempts has been a highlight of my week.

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This wreath made of homemade herb dinner rolls would make a stunning (and edible!) centerpiece for your holiday table.

Herb Dinner Roll Wreath - a perfect holiday centerpiece! From

Our little family unit is young, and we’re still figuring out our holiday traditions— mixing some from my family and some from my husband’s family, and creating new ones of our own.

Not surprisingly, a lot of our traditions revolve around food. We make divinity candy with Steve’s folks, have frango mint fudge with my family, sip homemade eggnog while watching Love Actually, and munch on cheese balls on Christmas eve.

I think I’ve created a new tradition with this fun dinner roll wreath. No matter the main dish, this will definitely be on our table come Christmas day. Continue Reading…


The lightest and fluffiest white dinner rolls couldn’t be easier to prepare!

Easy No-Knead Fairy Crescent Rolls |

Everyone needs a go-to roll recipe, especially one that’s easy to throw together. The rolls also have to be delicious, and go great with everything from a holiday roasted turkey to a simple weeknight soup. This right here is a recipe that meets those requirements, and then some.

These rolls have been handed down from my mom, and our family has been enjoying these little pillows of heaven for as long as I can remember. During the holiday season my mom makes them by the sheet pan and you’d be surprised at how quickly they all disappear.

Easy No-Knead Fairy Crescent Rolls |

Easy No-Knead Fairy Crescent Rolls |

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