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Crescent Dinner Rolls |

Thanksgiving is right around the corner! Are you ready? Whether you’re planning a large gathering or small, all of the preparation can be quite overwhelming. I know, I’ve been there. The best advice anyone can tell you to save your sanity is make as much of it ahead of time as possible. And probably the easiest thing to prep ahead is the rolls.

Homemade rolls are an absolute must, in my opinion. They’re right up there with the turkey and mashed potatoes with gravy. But your friends and family don’t have to know— and won’t know— that you actually started prepping them the night, week, or even month before.  Continue Reading…


Honey Whole Wheat and Oat Sandwich Bread |

One of my biggest frustrations since moving to a small rural town is that often there are shelves of the grocery store that sometimes go days or even weeks before getting restocked. And bread seems to be one of the biggest offenders. During every weekly trip I wonder— will they have bread today?

I got fed up and decided that it was time to ditch the store bought stuff and bake my own. And so that’s just what I did. After the first slice of this honey whole wheat and oat sandwich bread I knew there was no turning back. Why have I not done this sooner? Continue Reading…


A flavorful, chewy, and soft focaccia bread topped with oven-roasted tomatoes and fresh thyme. Recipe developed in partnership with Red Star Yeast.

Roasted Tomato Focaccia Bread |

This was the first summer in many years that I haven’t planted a garden. With our big move and new addition, I just didn’t want to spend the time or energy building a garden from scratch at our new house. It didn’t turn out to be that big of a deal, pretty much everything I’d want I could get from our local farmers market, and all without having to do any weeding.

However, I have really missed the overabundance of tomatoes my garden usually has right about now. This time last year I think I had a daily harvest of cherry tomatoes to feed the whole neighborhood.

And even though I have to pick up my tomatoes from the market and not my backyard, I’m making them while they’re in season. Continue Reading…