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Butternut Squash and Rosemary Biscuits |

Butternut. Acorn. Spaghetti. Delicata. It’s that time of year when my kitchen counter is taken over by winter squash. Every week it’s a game to see if I can come up with new ways of using it, though often I end up sticking to a few loved standbys.

I’ve grown to care for all varieties, though butternut will always be my favorite squash. It’s one of the best things about fall in my opinion. And these buttery biscuits studded with butternut squash and rosemary is one of my favorite fall creations.

Originally posted way back in 2010, I figured we could all use a reminder of just how great this recipe is.


Tender scones filled with fresh tart rhubarb and scented with vanilla bean and orange zest make a great accompaniment to a spring morning and a cup of coffee or tea.

Rhubarb Vanilla Bean Scones |

One thing I am going to miss dearly about our house in Salt Lake City is all of the fun stuff that grows in the backyard— grapes, raspberries, herbs, garlic and rhubarb. To name a few. (I won’t miss the weeds.)

Thankfully, spring came early this year and my rhubarb plants are already up and begging to be baked with. So how could I say no? Continue Reading…


These tender, flaky and subtly sweet buttermilk biscuits are filled with the flavor of sweet potatoes, and make a great accompaniment to any meal.

Sweet Potato Biscuits |

Here in Salt Lake City we have had an unseasonably warm winter. My apologies to the those in the freezing midwest and east coast, where all of our snow seems to have gone.

I haven’t really missed the cold weather, though as winter winds down I’m realizing that I have really cheated myself out of lots of comfort food this season. There’s been far too few baked casseroles, meals of things piled on top of mashed potatoes, and cozy soups. Continue Reading…