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Rich and dark chocolate ice cream studded with mini marshmallows and toasted hazelnuts is a perfect indulgence to help beat the heat.

Dark Chocolate Rocky Road Ice Cream with Hazelnuts from

I never cared much for rocky road ice cream as a kid. I think it was the nuts.

Fast forward 20 years to last week when I realized I still hadn’t given rocky road the second chance it deserves. 20 years without the combination of chocolate ice cream, marshmallows and nuts? I must be nuts. And so I made batch of rocky road ice cream.

Dark Chocolate Rocky Road Ice Cream with Hazelnuts from

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How to Toast Nuts from

Many recipes call for toasted nuts— from cookies to salads. While it may not be crucial to the success of the recipe, toasting the nuts first intensifies their natural flavor and adds a little extra crunch. And it’s super easy to do!

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Pineapple, orange and lime juices come together in this non-alcoholic version of a favorite cocktail.

Juicy Julep from

Not surprisingly, whatever I eat, my toddler wants to eat. Whatever I drink, my toddler wants to try. So when we have a glass of wine or a cocktail, he starts wondering where his drink is. I’ve never been much of juice person, but now I’ve started stocking more in my fridge. For my son, and also for me. I like having a drink in my hand that he can come sip from.

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